Publish Spare Parts Catalogues At The Push Of A Button

Online, offline or print catalogues at the touch of a button

  • Catalogues for Print, USB-Stick, Internet, Tablet, Smartphone, Intranet from one source
  • 24/7 available catalogues for your customers and employees
  • Catalogues "On Demand" - Publishing at the push of a button

With the spare parts catalogue system, you can publish catalogues for Internet, USB, CD/DVD, print in single source mode - all data from one source - automatically and virtually at the push of a button.

Generate an Internet catalogue from an already created catalogue? This can be done with just a few mouse clicks. This saves you time, effort and money when publishing your spare parts catalogues.

PARTS-PUBLISHER in monitor with online, offline and document icons

Catalogue preview

  • Real image display WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)
  • Possibility of control before publishing

According to WYSIWYG you check the appearance of your catalogue and the correctness of the data before publication. The catalogue is displayed exactly as it will look later in printed form or published online. This practical control option reduces error rates and uncertainties.

One data pool for all media - no multiple processing necessary

  • Create all catalogue media from a data pool
  • No multiple processing of data
  • Current and improved quality of data and service documentation

All relevant information in one source? With our catalogue system, you create a single data pool with the data from the source systems. You can now reuse the content as often as you like without having to make any adjustments to the various catalogue media.

This prevents redundant, incorrect and unnecessary information and reduces the maintenance effort. The result is an improved quality of your service documentation.

database with data icons
Service view of several machines with data icons and localisation icons

Individual catalogues

  • Machine and target group specific catalogues
  • Multilingual catalogues

The PARTS-PUBLISHER catalogue system allows just-in-time production of specific catalogues at reduced costs and production times.

For your employees and customers you provide catalogues in their national language and according to their information needs.

With PARTS-PUBLISHER you can serve international markets with minimal effort and minimal costs.


Free brochure: Spare parts catalogues for every medium at the touch of a button

Do you want to make working life easier for yourself and your users in the long term?

Learn how you can create spare parts catalogs for each medium at the touch of a button and thus save valuable resources and time in spare parts catalogue publication.

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Learn how to create and design spare parts catalogues quickly and easily according to your ideas.

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