Sell Parts Online

Sell spare parts - directly from the catalogue

  • 24/7 available
  • No support necessary

Sell your spare parts in no time at all with our practical catalogue system. All information about spare parts is presented intuitively and visually. Your customer identifies the part he needs, places it in the shopping basket with one click and orders it directly.

The order is carried out without help and other systems.

Simple, fast, accurate, around the clock - that's how spare parts orders should be.

Monitor with spare part in PARTS-PUBLISHER with arrow pointing to shopping basket
Machine with spare part

Avoid wrong orders - Relieve your support hotline

  • Fewer queries thanks to clear, up-to-date information
  • Fewer journeys for the service technician
  • Better information capability of the service hotline
  • Cost savings due to fewer incorrect orders

Thanks to up-to-date and correct information, the user does not need any help when ordering through the hotline. It takes place directly in the catalogue system without media discontinuity and language barriers.

This significantly reduces queries to the service or order hotline, which provides noticeable relief. The rate of incorrect orders is also falling significantly. You save your personnel resources while increasing the quality of your support hotline.

Accelerated order processing

  • Direct transfer of the purchase order into the ERP system
  • Connection to your merchandise management system as well as that of your dealers and/or your suppliers
  • Reduce process costs, simplify logistics and save money

Every order is processed digitally throughout and immediately transferred to your merchandise management system. The direct connection to the spare parts shop ensures consistent order processing.

There is no need for the manual ordering and confirmation process. Now nothing stands in the way of cost-efficient order processing.

Order button with package

Increase in spare parts sales

  • 24/7 order possibility
  • Display of availability and prices
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer and dealer loyalty

The catalogue system supports the user in the correct selection of the required spare parts, service kits, accessories and tools and allows him to order directly - quickly and easily. Anytime and anywhere without media breaks or language barriers.

Through the connection to your merchandise management system you can enrich inquiries or orders with individual prices and availabilities.

Thus your customers and service technicians have access to the full range of information and an extended offer for a professional order. This opens the door to international markets, expands your customer base and increases spare parts sales worldwide.

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Do you want to know how to increase your spare parts sales?

The aim of the after-sales service business is to generate further profits after the sale of the machine through spare parts and service offers.

Sell your spare parts in no time at all with our practical catalogue system.

Make it easy for your customers.

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