Find The Right Spare Parts

Display of all information – structured and easy to understand

  • Structured and logical display of all information
  • Accurate and easy identification

Parts lists, 2D and 3D drawings, service documents and circuit diagrams are available to you and your service technician at a glance. You navigate through a clear tree structure. With visual, graphical support, you can find the information you need with just a few clicks. Even with the specific search, you can reach your destination without detours and find the right part quickly and accurately. The simple and intuitive user guidance speaks for itself.

Informations for spare part in machine
Identified spare part in PARTS-PUBLISHER

Visual identification

  • Visual representation of machines, assemblies, spare parts
  • Navigation via 2D and 3D graphics, photos and illustrations
  • Direct comparison with reality
Navigation route in PARTS-PUBLISHER

Navigate accurately

  • All service information structured at a glance
  • Without detours to the destination - from the machine to the component to the spare part
Search bar

Find correct

  • Specific search or over the complete catalogue content
  • Search within documents and schematics
Flowchart of importing data in service view from different sources

One system with all service information

  • One source for all service information
  • No need to search for information in different systems

The catalogue system offers access to all service information about your machine. The data is maintained, managed and updated centrally in one system. Your service technician no longer wastes time searching for the information in different systems or calling your service hotline.


24/7 availability - no access to source systems necessary

  • All media - Internet, Intranet, USB stick, Local, DVD, Paper
  • Service information is available and retrievable at any time
  • All service information in one system

The catalogue is available in all media, whether on the Internet, Intranet, on USB, CD or paper. For an improved service process, your technician has 24/7 access to the complete spare parts and service documentation, no matter where the job takes place.

24h 7d
Parts list linked to hotspots in drawing

Linking the content of service information

  • Bidirectional linking of all information
  • Further Information for Selection
  • Your advantage - all information is combined and intelligently linked in one catalogue system.

The service technician receives further information that goes beyond the contents of the parts lists, drawings and documentation. This facilitates accurate identification for you and your service technician.

Free brochure: Identify the right spare part - within seconds

Do you want to know how your users can directly find the right service information?

Find out how our PARTS-PUBLISHER catalogue system can save you valuable resources and time in identifying the right service information.

Reduce the effort for your service technician to find the right information for maintenance, repair, etc. The queries to your service hotline become fewer and the rate of incorrect orders declines.

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Sell spare parts

Sell your spare parts in no time at all with just a few clicks directly from the catalogue.

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