Digital and interactive Spare Parts Catalogue & Service Information System

The digital transformation of your service strategy

Up-to-date and consistent service information is indispensable for the implementation of a cost-efficient and productive service deployment. In addition, service information such as maintenance instructions, parts information etc. must not only be up-to-date, but also:

  • structured and easy to use
  • intelligently linked
  • be available at any time and any place
  • complete and interactive

To enable you to deliver this quality in your service information, Docware offers you flexible and scalable spare parts catalog and service information systems for the structured management of your service and maintenance information.

3D rendering of machine with icon overlay


Service view of several machines with data icons

The 360° service view of your technical product

Your service technician gets a 360° service view. This contains all the service information he needs for productive and cost-efficient use.

Spare parts catalogs with all information in one system

  • Spare parts and supplier parts
  • Maintenance kits, accessories, tools
  • Service documents: Maintenance and repair instructions etc.
  • Circuit diagrams and illustration 2D, 3D 
  • Additional information
  • Prices and availability of spare parts

Search less - Find more - Act faster - Increase productivity

Thanks to the structured and logical presentation and linking of all information, your service technician can identify the right spare parts more quickly and order them directly online. This saves time, reduces incorrect orders and increases the turnover of spare parts orders.


How do you directly find the right service information?

Monitor with glass searching spare part

Reduce the effort of searching for the right information for maintenance, repair, etc.


You want to know how to increase your spare parts sales?

Monitor with data flow

Sell your spare parts in no time at all with just a few clicks directly from the catalogue.


One system for all media Online, Offline, Print

  • One data pool for all media
  • Catalogues at the touch of a button - always up-to-date
  • Online, Offline, Print - Catalogues
  • machine and customer-specific catalogues
  • multilingual catalogues

One source with all service-relevant data

  • Create your own catalogues - no help from third parties necessary
  • Your service data - structured, linked and always up-to-date
  • all data can be combined in one source - reusable
  • process any data from the source systems
  • Full individuality

How do you generate the 360° Service View for your service technician?

Docware provides you with a system in which all service-relevant data can be processed by yourself and the resulting spare parts catalogs can be published in any medium at the push of a button.


How do you create professional spare parts catalogues in no time at all?

Edit window in PARTS-PUBLISHER

Create and design your own spare parts catalogue and save valuable resources and time.


Do you want to publish spare parts catalogues at the push of a button?


Generate all catalogues from one source for Internet, Intranet, USB, CD and paper.