VDMA-Tagung Service Excellence 2019

Innovation in service

VDMA Tagung Service Excellence 2019

The signs point to change. This was also the case at the VDMA Tagung Kundendienst, which bears the new name VDMA Tagung Service Excellence. The focus is on the topic of service and its improvement. The VDMA Tagung will concentrate on the interaction between service employees and artificial intelligence as well as other smart technologies and the associated optimisation of processes.

Among other things, topics for discussion will be touched, such as how:

  • Why is customer satisfaction so important?
  • In which direction is service developing?
  • Artificial intelligence: a daring hype or a tough reality
  • How far does the development of Artificial Intelligence in After Sales go?
  • Presentation of a service app and its impact on the service processes in the company
  • Why digital transformation is critical in Life Cycle Service?

The conference offers service managers from the mechanical and plant engineering industry the opportunity to exchange information on current trends in the service business. In addition to the lectures, a trade exhibition will be held at which products and services relating to the service business will be presented.


Meet our experts in person at this year's VDMA Service Excellence exhibition.

What: VDMA-Tagung Service Excellence

When: 4. June 2019

Where: Neue Stadthalle Langen (Hessen), Germany

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