Why SVG contour highlighting not only looks amazing, but optimises your spare parts identification

Do you use SVG graphics and the spare parts catalogue software PARTS-PUBLISHER? Congratulations! Now you can identify and find your searched spare parts even more easily.

If you use SVG graphics, you are not only benefiting from the good looks of contour highlighting, you will also navigate faster to the right part. That saves your technicians wrong orders and the support a call.

A win-win situation!

How is that possible?

Before there was a bidirectional linking between parts list and a hotspot (position number). Now the whole part is highlighted, form and contour are easily to recognise. Identifying the spare part is no problem – it is as easy as it gets.

What is awesome, that the parts can be selected by clicking their contour with the help of the SVG vector graphics. Of course, it functions the other way around too. Select a part within the parts list, the contours are colour highlighted in the drawing.

Before and After

Why should you invest?

The clear identification saves time, avoids wrong orders, reduces hotline support and lowers the frustration during the parts search.

As a result using vector graphics the resolution is much better compared to pixel graphics, which is why zooming is not an unpleasant problem anymore.

At the same time, a time-consuming preparation of drawings becomes history! Simply import the SVG graphics and they will be displayed in the browser without needing any additional plug-ins.

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