5 things you should know about working as a software developer!

Sadly, there are not many up-and-coming software developers. In 2016, almost 43,000 jobs in software development in Germany were vacant.

At Docware too, we have at least 5 vacancies for software developers on offer. Today we would like to show you how software developers work and what their job is about.

1. Software development is exciting!

You don’t think so? Software developers are confronted with problems on a daily basis and they must try to solve them. Whether in a team or individually, the aim is to develop new functionalities, change existing functions and fix “bugs” (remedy errors), to create the optimum functioning solution. The main qualities of each developer are used: analytical and solution-orientated thinking.

The daily routine is comparable to that of a doctor confronted by patients with an unknown illness. First the symptoms must be analysed, to establish which illness it is. After diagnosis treatment begins, until the body is functioning as it should. Instead of bodies, software developers work with software, which is showing an error or needs adjusting. As a result, the existing system is analysed, and solutions are sought, to create the optimum functioning system.

2. We are never finished

There’s so much more behind software development! The term software development is already quite revealing, namely, development! Software develops on a daily basis. There’s always something new to learn, to investigate, to discover. As in quantum physics, software engineering research never ends, whether it’s in the provisioning and use of principles, methods and tools or software operating.

Even software developers not working in research must bring ideas to their everyday working life, about how a piece of software can always be further developed to bring it up to date, to follow trends and make evolve it accordingly. The newest technologies and the scrum model for agile software development help with this and these are deployed at Docware. Here we want to focus more on the goals to be achieved and to address technical and social problems in software development.

A developer’s personal and professional life is therefore never boring.

3. Positive work-life balance

In contrast to other professions the software developer usually has regular working hours. Here at Docware there is even the opportunity to establish a good work-life balance, with flexible working hours and the working-from-home option. This is particularly possible because not many things are needed for a developer’s work: a computer, a headset and a pleasant working environment.

Software developers place a great deal of value on a positive working atmosphere and environment. In addition to likeable colleagues who share cakes and other snacks, Docware provides water and fruit for all employees. There are also open-plan working areas, as well as offices, equipped with the newest technology.

4. Be an artist

In addition to analytical skills, software developers must be very creative, as they face challenges that require unique solutions. How can this be implemented differently to a similar creative process? Like a fine artist, who creates a painting through the creative process, developers create something new with their skills: an algorithm, a program, a piece of software.

5. Diversity is king

“Developers sit in front of a PC all day and do nothing other than write code”. This stereotype is not quite correct. They reason and debate a lot among themselves, with the boss, with software testers, technical editors, application consultants, the sales team and also with customers. They are happy to collaborate in meetings on projects or to better themselves at trade fairs or training courses.

The beauty about being a developer is that it is incredibly diverse, and you can serve all sectors. From insurance, to pharmaceutical companies, automotive firms, recruitment agencies as well as software and systems houses such as Docware; although Docware GmbH is specialised in the development of software solutions for managing service and spare-parts information for industrial companies in all sectors.

Are you looking for a change in your prospects?

You are a software developer and looking for new opportunities to showcase your creativity. You are looking for sophisticated, agile software projects to be carried out using the newest, high-performance technology and tools.

Then you are exactly right for us! Apply today and get to know us, we look forward to hearing from you.

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