The service update for the PARTS-PUBLISHER authoring environment and publications
is now available in the Internet Support Center.

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Authoring Environment

Preview pirctures of 3D graphics

The charging time for 3D graphics takes too long? This costs you time and patience? As of today, 3D images can be converted into a preview image during import. Now the service technician can visualize the image immediately - without additional calculation time for a current conversion. For you, this means no more waiting.

Previously, without this functionality, the display of thumbnails could lead to a lower performance of the catalogue. With the new update, you save considerably more time when searching for your spare parts. Because the images enable you to identify assemblies and parts faster and more efficiently.


Authoring Environment

Generate Parts lists through hotspots

Thanks to this new process, you as a technical writer can generate a spare parts list from a production BOM.

This not only saves you time, but also prevents incorrect data. This function efficiently generates the parts list entries (parts and assemblies) from the hotspots of the assembly drawing. Material that does not yet exist can be created and added automatically. Assembly versions are also taken into account.
This eliminates the need to manually integrate BOM entries via drag & drop, convert material into an assembly and add assemblies in the current assembly version.

The time you would otherwise have to invest is eliminated and you have clean data.



More options when ordering (Shop / Shopping Cart)

Up to now it was only possible to use one recipient for an order. Now you can notify multiple recipients of an order, which allows you to optimize the work process.

Simplify your review process by connecting everyone from the distribution list. This saves you the tedious task of copying and typing data from your order. Or as a retailer you don't want to order directly from the manufacturer, but in the first step process your order in your ERP system. This is no longer a problem.

So you can now collect orders in your system and then trigger a total order. Save yourself time and possible wrong or multiple orders. With the new options, your processes are directly supported.


More for your security

Secure yourself legally and protect your data and those of your users. With the new update, you can configure your shop in such a way that information is displayed to the user directly after the session start, which he must confirm. This could be, for example, information on the use of cookies, general terms and conditions or a data protection declaration. They are secured in any case.

At the same time, authorized users can anonymize their own personal data or that of other users. It is also possible to deactivate user accounts. Thus you avoid unwanted access to your data and have everything under control.

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