This is why you should invest in an interactive spare parts catalogue!

Your personal advantages of a spare parts catalogue (Part 1)

Are you wondering what the investment in an interactive spare parts catalogue could mean to you?

We explain you why this desision will change your daily work as a direct user.

Tired of having a mountain of folders on your desk that's getting bigger and bigger? Do you have difficulties finding the information you need right away or quickly identifying (spare) parts you are looking for?

That was before you became aware of us! We have the solution for your problems. From now on, you can remove the following issues from your list:

  • Time struggles
  • Confusion
  • Stressed in service
  • Difficulties to identify the parts you are looking for
  • Competition pressure
  • Programming effort
  • Complicated application

„It is not too little time that we have, but too much time that we do not use.“ (Lucius Annaeus Seneca)

Even back then, the Roman philosopher Seneca realised that time is an important resource that we can control. Not only in private but also in the professional world it is important to use  time sensibly.

That's exactly what we want to make possible for you with an interactive spare parts catalogue.

You can invest your time where it is needed most by automating as much as possibile. An interactive spare parts catalogue is a system in which all parts management data is illustrated clearly. This allows you to identify the parts you are looking for faster, keep your customers satisfied and save time.


„Work smart,not hard.“ (Dr. Georgy House)

Another problem that is solved by a spare parts catalogue: The comlexity.

You will no longer have the difficulty of ordering the wrong spare part or even for the wrong machine. This long-winded process is now coming to an end. By a targeting solution where it is most urgently needed.

A chaotic and desperate process now becomes an orderly routine that no longer causes you any difficulties. You can immediately find an order the spare part you are looking for through the interactive spare parts catalogue. This will not only satisfy your employees, but also your customers.

That brings us to the next point on our list: stress in service. This has a negative effect on work morale as well as customer satisfaction. 

Stress in service

For sure you are familiar with the following stories: A customer calls you and describes which machine is broken. So far so good.

But then the guessing game begins, in which the customer tries to explain to you which spare part he need. You are searching for the avaliable spare parts in your folders and lists, trying to find out exactly what part the customer means.

You may not be familiar with the machine either. It also happens that the lists are not up to date. This leads to irritation and frustration on both sides and often to a wrong order.

Of course you want to avoid that. With an interactive spare parts catalogue, you can find the machine you are looking for, the available spare parts and the corresponding service documentation with just a few mouse clicks. Your data is always up to date with the automatic updates. The ability to add notes promotes employee exchange and knowledge sharing and is not tied to one person.

This catalogue combines all the expert knowledge, lists and folders in one software that offers up-to-date and clearly arranged information so that you and your company have satisfied employees and customers.

„Every minute you spend in trouble, you miss sixty happy seconds." (William Sommerset Maugham)

Let us approach your challenges together!

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