Maintenance Manuals within Spare Parts Catalogue – Why not?

Until now, you use your spare parts catalogue only for the identification of spare parts? Have you considered a connection of the entire technical documentation including maintenance, instruction and repair manuals into your spare parts catalogue? Not yet? Did you know that an integration of the technical documentation offers benefits to you, your service technician and your costumers?

A connection helps you to integrate any documents and files, containing your technical documentation, into your spare parts catalogue. That means, you can not only provide your service technicians and customers with instruction, maintenance and repair manuals 24/7, but also administrate the data in the catalogue and keep it up to date.

It’s not rocket science to achieve that and a lot of Docware customers already profit of this enhancement.

A Practical Challenge

The Scenario: Maintenance Order

Your service technician receives an order to maintain a machine. He obtains all information about the machine parts from your interactive spare parts catalogue. However, he has to look up in the maintenance manual to find out how to perform the maintenance accurately, which parts are needed and which parts are already maintained. This process costs not only your service technicians time, but also your money!

The Solution: Everything in One System

An integration of your technical documentation into an interactive spare parts catalogue would significantly reduce the expenditure of time, because the documents are already linked with the corresponding parts. That means for you: technical documentation and spare parts in one system! You don’t need a system change, your customers and service technicians don’t need to adjust to a new tool, anyhow all service information are in one spot.
Your service technician has instantly, at any time, at any place access to the necessary information that is needed for an optimal execution of the task.



The Future: Predictive Maintenance

In times of industry 4.0, “predictive maintenance” and Internet of Things are getting more and more important within spare parts management. Predictive Maintenance is a concept, regarding a preventive plant productivity, with the goal to keep the downtime of a machine as short as possible. The goal “predictive maintenance” seams reachable with an up-to-date and intelligent maintenance manual. Discover how Docware can help you reach your goal of an up-to-date and always available technical documentation.



Providing Technical Documentation

That is your solution

Do you already use an interactive spare parts catalogue and now you’d like to have your technical information and service documents, like repair, instruction and maintenance manuals every time for every spare part at your disposal?

That is no problem with the enhancement package Documentation for PARTS-PUBLISHER! The enhancement package documentation enables the development from a spare parts catalogue to a service information system. It integrates the entire technical documentation including repair, maintenance and instruction manuals.

In this case, the existing format is irrelevant. Videos, animations and 3D sequences can be embedded into the catalogue as well as every other document. If necessary, those can be filed in the spare parts catalogue with/in an own structure and updated anytime.

Linking, Filing and Administration

Linking Documentation and Parts List

Besides the integration of the entire technical documentation, the documents will be linked intelligently with the associated parts list, assembly groups and other data. So that you can jump from a document into the matching parts list or to a matching part and back. The endless search in two different systems is over.

Filing and Administrating Documentation

The integration of technical documentation into the interactive spare parts catalogue simplifies the filing and administrating of your documents. Through an automated link of the spare parts catalogue to your ERP system, you and your service technicians have always access to the updated data and documents.

Edit Documents within the Spare Parts Catalogue

Every document archived in PARTS-PUBLISHER, can be individually edited and adapted in the authoring environment and instantly published in all spare parts catalogues. Your service technician is always up to date whether in the spare parts management or in technical documentation.

Key-Functions at a Glance

  • Integration of documents and files in any format in PARTS-PUBLISHER
  • Filing and updating of technical documentation
  • Supply of instruction and maintenance manuals, maintenance documentation, delivery documentation, operating manuals, animations, software downloads or checklists etc. as addition to the spare parts catalogue
  • Intelligent linking of technical documentation with parts list, assemblies and other data (documents, files)
  • Bi-directional linking of the spare parts catalogue with documents

Your Benefits

  • Provide your users with the entire technical documentation incl. supplier documentation, manuals, certificates, animations and videos. With a direct link between parts and documentation
  • 24/7 access to the entire descriptive documentation
  • You can always update your documentation with your parts catalogue - as well online, offline or mobile
  • Optimised quality and up-to-dateness of spare parts and service documentation and information

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