Innovation in Spare Parts

The market is on fire, everything is changing rapidly and organisations have to keep up with that pace. Although they can’t.

What all companies search for are long term solutions that can adapt to the major and most important trends while optimising processes and business.

Such solutions are in high demand, especially in the spare parts industry.The importance of the after sales business is constantly growing. Many companies are just now realizing the potential behind it.In order to increase this potential, there are standard technologies like interactive spare parts catalogues that address the main problems in after sales service and are forward-looking.                                                                                        


Optimise your After Sales Service

Standard technologies, like interactive spare parts catalogues enhance the linking of your data. In doing so, your after sales service will be optimised on short and long term. For example, the spare parts catalogue software PARTS-PUBLISHER enables manufacturers and operators of machines, equipment or plants of all industrial branches to professionally provide, distribute and update spare part and service information.

Using a system like that, you can easier identify and find your parts more accurate. It allows at once a simplified and faster process for spare parts orders, accelerated delivery and prevention of incorrect orders. In addition, the catalogue is available 24/7, which strengthens the customer relationship and stimulates the turnover.

Spare Parts Summit – A Personalised Event

The Spare parts summit by Copperberg is nothing like, for example, the spare parts business platform we visited in February. Although the congress focuses on the exchange of knowhow and knowledge, the instruments used differ compared to similar events.

The Summit lets you choose your agenda! Next to fixed keynotes, they offer so called “Idea Blitzes”. For those Idea Blitzes you select 5 out of 12 topics for a 30 minute brainstorm with your peers, led by a spare part expert. Each session is limited to a maximum of 8 delegate and guarantees a meaningful practitioner-led discussion.

Innovations in Spare Parts

Main topic of this summit is “innovations in spare parts and the after sales division”. Thinking of spare parts as money-maker in after sales, organizations need to adapt to a rapidly changing market in order to retain the competitive edge and grow their revenue. Therefore, only continuous innovation leads to success. Standard technologies, like e-commerce or interactive spare parts catalogues improve your processes and business.


Feel free to visit us at our booth and join our “Idea Blitz”-Session “Interactive Spare Parts Catalogues: Optimise your After Sales Service”.

Our international sales manager Mr. Schütte will lead you through the discussion, try to answer your questions and dealing with the following:

  • Still searching for the right part?
  • Tired of the catalogue creation effort?
  • Missing spare parts management in your IOT solution?

Mr. Schütte will be pleased to answer your questions!

Would you like to find a solution for your company? Then contact Mr. Schütte, he will be happy to help you! Check whether PARTS-PUBLISHER meets your requirements! Receive an exclusive live demo at your location or at Docware in Fürth.

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