Building Agile Service Organizations and the Future of Field Service

Service leaders consider their field service business to be a profit centre, yet those same leaders qualify their operations today as being reactive. That is all the paradox of field service: a world of opportunities confronted by a reality of challenges.

What you can expect from Field Service Forum 2017:

The 4th Annual Field Service Forum will be your one-stop shop to cope with changing customer behaviours. As your customer base shrinks because of consolidation, how do you create value-add service offerings that can meet the new demands from larger, international customers? And how can you optimize your installed base traceability to increase revenue?

The event will also look at your field technicians. As your manpower is reduced because of ageing resources, how do you ensure the transfer of knowledge to avoid a skill gap, and how can the sharing economy model be applied to the field service business in order to reduce costs and lower pressure of your workforce planning? What of competence development: are you developing the soft skills of your technicians?

Last but not least, you will learn how to move services into the digital era in order to develop true and unique service offerings for your customers. Listen to case studies on the latest implementation of IoT and remote diagnostics, and take advantage of the expo floor to test some of the coolest solutions in the demo sessions.


May 31 - June 01 2017


NH Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Hotel, Kruisweg 495. Hoofddorp 2132 NA Amsterdam

Why is it worth visiting?

The Field Service Forum start on May 31 with a so called “Masters Day” discussing the main topic “Building Agile Service Organizations” with Jim Harris, number one speaker on disruptive innovation. On this Service Masters Day, attendees explore in depth how to shift from the traditional management operations within their service department and across organizational functions to fully embrace a new paradigm: “THE CUSTOMER IS THE BOSS, DEAL WITH IT, AND THE BOSS IS MORE DEMANDING THAN EVER”.

The second day is packed with well-known an new features to communicate and share knowledge and experience about the at the moment most trending topics: Digitalization, Internet of Things, Service 4.0, High Profits, Monetizing IoT and service, Customer relation improvement strategy

Communicate better and experience full expertise!

Well-Tried Features

The pre-conference workshops are an exclusive feature, which gives you, as a participant the ability to kick start the conference with a focused and content heavy session where you will be able to both learn and share experiences round best practices. Limited seats available.

Share your expertise and experience. The executive circles are your chance to get your voice heard. Numerous round-tables will be set up, each with a specific topic and an expert moderator, and will give you the opportunity to discuss your challenges and find solutions as a group in a more informal and interactive way.

Copperberg is renowned for the networking aspect at its conferences. Make sure to take advantage of a full evening of structured networking through icebreaker activities, private meetings, a gala dinner for all participants, and much more.

New Features

The KY (Know Your) Training is an intensive knowledge building session with high educational outcome. Attendees learn about successful methodologies, resourceful does & don’ts, how to, problem solving tips, decision making scenarios and executive management buy- in strategies. The KY Trainings help field service directors deal smartly, efficiently and pro-actively with important cross-organizational challenges that impact directly or indirectly their daily activities.

Interested in experiencing the inner workings of new sophisticated tech processes or systems brought up by automation, digitalization, IoT and robotisation? Led by a specialty expert, the Service Lab is a one hour step-by-step guide that allows attendees to grasp the fundamentals, benefits, challenges and prospects of a new technology or technique. Service labs are hands-on demonstration with device, material or hardware showcase.

The Field Service Value Chain Talks are a series of short, concise and inspirational addresses of 15 to 20 min each delivered by seasoned experts and industry leaders and focused on strategic issues, challenges and successes experienced by service organisations and technology providers.

Intelligent Spare Parts Catalogue and Service Information System

Once again, Docware participates as a partner at the Field Service Forum. As an expert for software solutions for the sale of spare parts, as well as for the provision and distribution of information in aftersales, Docware can help you to optimise your after sales service and spare parts management.

How can processes and technologies affect the service of field engineers?

The main and focus topics encouraged to altercate how processes and technologies can help to use the field service effectively and efficiently. With PARTS-PUBLISHER from Docware you have a modern tool that supports your requirements. Docware enables your field service to identify the right machine, assembly group and spare part with the spare parts catalogue software PARTS-PUBLISHER that integrates optimally in your processes.

Roundtable Discussion: How interactive spare parts catalogues can help!

Docware provides impulses in terms of two round table discussions at the Field Service Forum!

Our international sales manager Estelle Acamer leads you through both roundtables to the topic “You consider using a spare parts catalogue?!“.

Correspondingly, we would like to discuss the benefits and possibilities of an electronic spare parts catalogue for your business. Present your individual requirements, problems and questions to our experts onsite. They will be pleased to help you.

Round-Table: “You consider using an interactive spare parts catalogue?”

When: Second Day - June 1st 13:30

Where: Table 5


  • Advantages of an electronic spare parts catalogue system
  • Process optimisation during implementation
  • Procedure to set up an interactive spare parts catalogue
  • Possibilities with an electronic spare parts catalogue

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Mobile: +32 496 271 254
E-Mail: estelle.acamer@docware.Ersatzteilkataloge.Software.& 

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