The Future of Docware [Interview]

Part 3: Employer Branding

The series "The Future of Docware" is an interview with the management. In three parts we will examine the past, analyse the present and outline the future. With this interview, we would like to show our existing customers, partners and employees our appreciation and gained strength by working together. Thank you and give you an outlook.

The third part deals with the topic of employer branding. There is a shortage of young talent in software development; in 2016, almost 43,000 software development positions were unfilled in Germany.

Docware is also currently looking for software developers and IT consultants. In addition to interesting tasks and areas of activity that every company claims in its repertoire, Docware can also impress with a range of soft facts.



What differentiates Docware from other companies? Why are you an attractive employer?

Our philosophy is simple but concise and important. We act on an equal footing. The same applies to our customers and partners. In addition, we are constantly striving to improve the working environment and to exploit our innovation potential together with our employees. Despite our international activities, we have strong regional roots. As an owner-managed company, we offer a secure job, even in difficult times, and are independent of external investors.

Docware's doors are open to anyone with the will to create and team spirit. Everyone at Docware is invited to contribute new ideas and concepts, which the Docware team discusses and develops together. As Docware, we depend on it. If an applicant is committed and wants to get involved, he is welcome to join us.


How important is " corporate health management " in the company? What does Docware offer its employees?


We already do a lot for this topic. "Health management" also means "How do I deal with the individual employee?". We try to take the needs of our employees seriously. For example, the topic of working hours: depending on the life situation, the hours can be adapted individually and according to needs.

Our flexitime model and the possibility of a home office are also intended to take into account and support the current life situations of our employees. We at Docware are a team. To promote our team spirit, we organise regular company events, such as a regular staff meeting, the annual summer party and the Christmas party, to which our partners and families are also cordially invited. In addition, employees organise events for employees, which we subsidise with drinks, food or other activities.



What opportunities and possibilities do you offer your potential employees as a small, medium-sized company?

Involvement and taking responsibility. We offer transparency about everything that happens at Docware. We offer to participate, to do more in the form of responsibilities and to think outside the box. We live an open communication. It is important to us that our employees are always up to date. That's why we support them through further education, studies in addition to their profession, training and knowledge exchange. These measures help Docware to give its employees more perspectives. This makes an advancement on the career ladder possible, for example from junior to senior software developer and further to group leader with personnel responsibility.

The assignment of responsibility to more employees through further hierarchical levels will be necessary due to growth and size. Nevertheless, it remains the case that every employee can - should - must be involved and creative. The new organisational structure should under no circumstances put a brake on innovation, optimisation and teamwork in all areas.

What would you like to achieve personally for Docware GmbH in the future?

Heinz-Werner Hofmeister, Jürgen Deifel
CEO's Docware GmbH

Docware has to be and should be a partner of our customers national and international. Our employees will be carrying Docware into the year 2020. Then it is my task to act as coach and supporter. For Team Docware, my personal goal is that it will continue to work independently and make its own decisions after 2020.

I wish that we create the basic conditions in a way that the employees will still say at the 40th anniversary of Docware that they are proud to work here. For me personally, it would be great if we could use the good starting position we have as Docware GmbH for the future. That the stable basis on which Docware is built remains in place and is future-oriented, so that young employees can take on responsibilities at Docware. With the goal of successively withdrawing from the operative business, according to the motto "Letting go but staying in touch".

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