Docware und TID wachsen zusammen

Docware and TID – We Grow Together!

Almost four months ago, we published the news of the successful merger of Docware GmbH and TID Informatik under the roof of the SCHEMA Group. This was the start for the task of redesigning the future of both companies together. In the meantime, a lot of work has been done, behind the scenes of the two experts for electronic spare parts catalogues and service information systems, to grow and operate together as one unit as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to create added value for customers by combining the competencies of both companies.

What we achieved so far: two companies - but already one team!

On the day the merger was announced, the process of building a "strong team" officially began. However, competent support for this project was already brought on board in the run-up to the merger. An experienced team of consultants has accompanied us closely over the past months. This consulting process covered all aspects of integration. The established project teams for the specialty departments always consist of experts from both companies. This ensures that we can now quickly bring together the knowledge that has been accumulated on both sides over many years.

The goal is to expand the cooperation as quickly as possible and thus bring together the best for the new company and our joint customers from both worlds. However, the focus is not only on products and process optimisation, the new organisational structure has now also been defined and is already being brought to life across both companies. In this way, we are creating many synergy effects, which at the same time offer a lot of new creative scope.

What does the merger mean for the future of the products CATALOGcreator® and PARTS-PUBLISHER?

Both products are established in the market with a broad customer base for a long time. In the medium term, we aim for an integration of the products under the aspect "Best of CATALOGcreator® and PARTS-PUBLISHER", from which both new and existing customers will benefit. The course for this has already been set. By safeguarding the investments made, our customers will benefit from a much wider range of solutions, which combines the well-founded knowledge of TID and Docware.


Look forward to Docware & TID - in future also under a new name!

There will be a new name for the joint company. Preparations are already in full swing, so we can present a new branding at the tekom annual conference.  We want to show you that Docware and TID together make more than "1+1".

In short: We are already on the way of growing together and would be pleased if you continue to place your trust in us under this new constellation!

Your team of TID & Docware

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