3D in your Spare Parts Catalogue - Plug-In Free

Run in any browser and operating system without installation

You want to use 3D graphics in your spare parts catalog, but additional software installations are putting a stop to your customers and service technicians.

To be able to use the 3D graphics, you must first pay attention to the operating system and then install plug-ins. And now one can only hope that the 2D data is prepared correctly.

The described scenario is history. With Docware you can display 3D data and graphics plug-in-free in the spare parts catalog. And the best thing about it: The solution is now available.

Display 3D data in the spare parts catalog without plug-in


And how does it all work?

It's very simple. In short, the WebGL technology guarantees the plug-in-free display of 3D graphics in the web browser and thus also in the spare parts catalogue and without additional extensions. This means you can use 3D without installing a viewer or plug-in. The 3D solution supports every operating system, no matter if iOS, Android or Windows and at the same time the current browser generations (Firefox, Edge, IE, Google Chrome etc.).

You can use 3D online as well as offline. As well as on mobile devices and HMI (Human Machine Interface) use.

What is the benefit? What is the advantage?

More efficiency in your company and for your service technician


3D graphics in the spare parts catalogue simplify retrieving required spare parts - e.g. for your service technicians - since they visualise, how the part is integrated in the machine.

The part, the assembly can be displayed transparently, rotated or according to your desires in the catalogue.

Being the catalogue creator, you may use the 3D model directly in the catalogue as it was constructed. You save the manual derivation of 2D drawings. Furthermore, updating is considerably streamlined.

What did we have in mind offering this solution?

We would like to facilitate the work of your service technicians. The special feature about our plug-in-free 3D WebGL solution: it was developed for service technicians. We looked at 3D from the point of view of a service technician and dealt with their challenges. What does the 3D function have to offer in the spare parts catalogue, which features and editing options are required? The result is the enhanced overview and handling of the functions.

And now, how do I get 3D WebGL?

That is super easy! Just address yourself to your personal contact and receive all individual details.

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