Communication Between Man and Machine

Human-machine communication reflects the interaction of people with a technical system. Either man uses the technical possibilities provided by a system to solve his tasks. Or it is about the way in which man gives his instructions to a machine so that they can then be executed by the machine.

The exchange of information between machines and people is becoming more and more essential in order to keep up with today's competition. Digitalization has succeeded in networking machines so that they can exchange information and control each other. Production and manufacturing processes thus increase their effectiveness enormously.

But in doing so, the human being must not be forgotten. This is because it continues to play a central role. For example, in the evaluation and analysis of data or maintenance and repair work.


Communication possibilities

The communicative possibilities between man and machine are extremely diverse. They range from text input, activation of graphic symbols and speech recognition to gesture recognition.

The previous input options for the commands to be executed are realized by technical input devices such as keyboard, mouse, touchpad, touchscreen, microphone, data glove, video camera, and various other input devices.

The advanced technology relies on intelligent voice control, on digital voice assistants. Such voice assistance systems can answer questions, execute control commands in the Smart Home - "dim the light" - select pieces of music on the Internet, take over remote control functions or control the car.

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