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  • 18. September 2020

    "Digital Information Twin" or "DIT" is an important buzzword and one of the trend topics in the field of maintenance and service. But what does this term mean and what benefits does a Digital Information Twin offer?

  • 31. August 2020

    Maintenance managers face a variety of challenges. Increasingly complex machines and systems, a lack of skilled workers, as well as dependence on manufacturers make the profession of maintenance manager demanding. The primary goal for maintenance managers is to avoid operational disruptions and thus the unplanned shutdown of machines and plants.

    But how can this be achieved?

  • 26. May 2020

    Corona makes us aware of how much digitisation is missing in many areas of work. Especially in the service sector, companies have to cope with major deficits.

    And suddenly there is this "Service 4.0". Find out here what this is all about and how you can improve your service strategy.

  • 27. May 2020

    Your opinion is important for us!

    The Corona crisis has turned the event world upside down. As a result, many events, conferences and congresses could not take place, had to be postponed or completely cancelled . That is why your opinion and input is important to us.

  • 20. May 2020

    It is difficult to imagine everyday business without after sales. Reports from recent years show that the service business is essential for the success of a company.

    After Sales does not only consist of sales and maintenance of spare parts. A good preparation of the spare parts information and distribution of these, is indispensable.

  • 11. July 2019

    Digitization is everywhere. Both in everyday life and in the world of work. But how do industrial companies deal with it? Where are small and medium-sized enterprises in the process of digitisation? And what does digitization actually mean?


New at Docware

  • 28. July 2020

    Nürnberg // The SCHEMA Group will in future be known as Quanos Solutions and has appointed Nikolaus Scholz as CEO with effect from 1st July 2020. He succeeds Marcus Kesseler and Nobuyoshi Shimada, who will now focus on their responsibilities as managing directors of SCHEMA GmbH as a member of Quanos Solutions.

  • 15. July 2020

    The new service release 2020-01 will be available for all PARTS-PUBLISHER customers by the end of July. We would like to give you an insight in advance.

  • 10. July 2020

    After 33 years the former managing director and owner Heinz-Werner Hofmeister leaves Docware GmbH on 30.06.2020.

  • 22. May 2020

    Almost four months ago we published the news of the successful merger of Docware GmbH and TID Informatik under the umbrella of the SCHEMA Group. Find out here what has happened in the last months, where we are heading and what this means for the PARTS-PUBLISHER and CATALOGcreator.

  • 27. March 2020

    Even in times of Corona you can rely on Docware. Our expert teams work from home, so that everything goes as smoothly as possible for you. You can reach us via the usual telephone numbers and email addresses. We also offer hosting, should your servers run up against their limits. Everything for a flawless process.

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