Simple and fast publication of spare parts catalogues

The standard for the distribution of spare parts catalogues was to print them on paper and to include them with the delivery of a machine. But these paper catalogues are very extensive, unwieldy and cannot be adapted to changed data or histories.

The creation and distribution of catalogues also takes a lot of time, because data has to be collected from different systems, and there is usually no time to create user-specific data records.

With our service information system you can publish spare parts catalogues quickly and easily in any medium (online, offline, print). Publish catalogues that are adapted to user requirements and always contain updated data and information. Provide catalogues that are available anytime and anywhere.

Relieve service technicians, dealers and suppliers of the burden of searching for the right spare part and save resources and time when creating and publishing catalogues.

The brochure shows how you can overcome the challenges and answers the question: "How do I make service information available to my users quickly and easily?

Brochure "Publish spare parts catalogues"